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Set up your home workstation to prevent discomfort

As many Australian’s are transitioning to working from home, it’s important to think about the ergonomics of your work station set up. Working with poor posture can create joint tension and muscle fatigue, and impact your ability to concentrate.

Some points to consider:

  • Laptops aren’t ideal due to the height of the screen. Consider plugging your laptop into a monitor or raising the laptop on a box/book so that the line of sight places your neck in a neutral position.
  • Use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse rather than laptop keyboard so they can be placed within reach.
  • Your height and the table height are the two fixed variables. Adjust your chair and move your equipment to facilitate ‘ideal’ posture. You may need to add in a foot rest (a book, a foam roller, a box) to ensure your feet are planted. You can use this website to calculate the ideal height of your chair for you.

Finally, if you are unsure give us a call, we can discuss your desk ergonomics, treat any aches or pains and provide you with a posture plan. Telehealth consults are now available so we can view your setup and advise you from the comfort of your home!

Cast Removal and Application available

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, NSW Health are working hard to move all non-essential services out of our acute hospital setting. This is involving triage of patients booked to attend outpatient orthopaedic clinics to get a cast for a fracture or cast removal, application of orthopaedic braces and outpatient orthopaedic physiotherapy. If you are booked for these services, you may be offered a telephone consult to reduce the risk of exposure in attending a hospital clinic. Our Physiotherapists at Regent Street Physiotherapy in Newcastle can assist you by applying or removing a cast or assisting with bracing and orthopaedic exercises, in consultation with your managing doctor. We are happy to liaise with them on your behalf, and ensure that your care is not impacted at this time. If you have any questions please give us a call on 49509805.