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Land Based Training Program for all those Fish out of the Water

Regent Street Physiotherapist owner Dr Craig Boettcher has been working with colleagues from Swimming Australia to develop a land based strength program targeted specifically for the needs and goals of swimmers.

Many swimmers do basic body weight training on the pool deck, but are missing the performance benefits and injury prevention that can be gained from a strength based program. Swimming occurs in a gravity minimised environment and loads some joints unevenly. This can lead to asymmetry and weakness in some muscle groups. A strength program with basic gym equipment, performed 2-3 times per week can improve all-round strength for the major joints. What better time to get started then when the pools are currently closed due to Covid-19.

The program has various levels of difficulty so that it can cater to a board spectrum of athletic backgrounds, and has specific instructions for safe age-appropriate strength training.

Click on this link to view the program in PDF format: Swim-land program PDF

The program is designed to be a stepping stone to interaction with Strength & Conditioning Coaches, who play a crucial role in developing athletes to reach their peak performance. Craig would like to acknowledge Brett Slocombe, Scott Dickinson & Mark Osborne for their contributions to the programs development.

Please share this program amongst your fish-like friends. If you would like any guidance or advice on implementing a strength program specific to your needs or injury concerns please do not hesitate to contact us in the practice on 4950 9805.