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Our physiotherapists will diagnose and treat your headaches.

Headaches are often caused by disorders of the neck or physical and emotional tension. Our physiotherapists can successfully treat headaches originating from the neck or soft tissues and show you how to prevent the pain recurring.

Any of the following points could suggest that your neck may be causing a headache:

  • associated with neck pain. Does the pain radiate from the back to the front of your head?
  • with dizziness or light-headedness.
  • brought on or worsened by neck movement or staying in the same position for a long time.
  • which always feels worse on the same side of your head.
  • eased by pressure to the base of the skull.
  • which persists after your doctor has checked for other causes.

If you are experiencing painful headaches, neckaches or migraines, it is important that you have your condition assessed by one of our physiotherapists who have received specialised training to be able to assist you. Craig, Kathryn and Erin have also been trained in the Dean Watson Headache approach.