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Massage, Dry Needling and Myofascial Cupping

Our massage therapist offers remedial and sports massage, dry needling and myofascial cupping.

Remedial Massage consists of a range of manual therapy techniques and the manipulation of soft tissue to ease tension in tight and taut muscles. These techniques include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial therapy. These techniques help to assist with pain and injury management, rehabilitation and a range of musculoskeletal presentations.

Sports massage is used to improve recovery and is effective in reducing delayed onset of muscle soreness, treating and preventing injuries, improving flexibility and enhancing athletic performance.

Dry Needling is the use of acupuncture needles to release trigger points or intramuscular stimulation.

Myofascial Cupping

Myofascial cupping is used to lift and separate soft tissue, reducing restriction from fascial adhesions, giving a passive stretch to the muscle. The tensional pressure from cupping can also increase nutrient rich blood to surrounding tissues which aids in repair and healing.

Massage has a direct effect on the muscular system and can assist in relaxing and releasing overused and tight muscles, reducing muscle spasm and cramping and also aids in the regeneration of tissue.

Massage can have a positive impact on various body systems, including the circulatory and lymphatic, by facilitating an increase in circulation which aids in muscles healing, along with the removal of metabolic waste through lymph fluid.

Massage can be used to treat acute muscle stiffness, improving general function and promoting mobility.

Feel free to discuss these options with your Physiotherapist or Massage Therapist.